Privacy Policy & ToS

By using the bot, You agree to our Privacy Policy and Tos

Privacy Policy

What data do we store?

We do not collect any personal information relating your account like Passwords or any other Credentials. The data we collect includes the User IDs, Server IDs, Channel IDs and Some Role IDs. The bot never requests for any personal data of the users and any act that breaks the Tos of Discord is discouraged by us!

Why we need this data?

The data is required for the proper functioning of the bot features like Warning System, Logging and Autoroles. Without this data, our bot will not be able to perform these activities and thus making the features inaccessible for users

How we use this data?

The data is used for the proper functioning for theWarning System, Logging activities and Autorole features of our Bot. User IDs are used to identify the users, Channel IDs are used to send the messages to the desginated channels and Server IDs to identify the Servers and the Role IDs are used for the Autorole feature

How long do we store your data?

The data is stored as long as the bot is in your Server and as soon as the bot is kicked or removed from the Server, the data is deleted and is no longer to accessable to anyone

Who do we share the data with?

We never share your data with anyone except for MongoDB Inc which is a DataBase Company and all the data for our Bot is stored on the MongoDB Servers and According to MongoDB Inc. the data is only accessable by us.

Got concerns or Queries?

If you have any concerns or queries relating our privacy policy or our bot or if you want your data to be removed, You can contact °『ᎢᏟ 』•ᴮᴬᴰʙᴏʏツ࿐#8461 directy on our Support Server!

Terms of Service

Introduction to NovaTechOrg

We are NovaTech, a community where you can get your own Custom Bot with any features you want. Infinity is multi-pupose bot which has been created by a member of our Management Team °『ᎢᏟ 』•ᴮᴬᴰʙᴏʏツ࿐#8461, on July 17th, 2020 under the NovaTech Project. For more info Join Infinity's Support Server or Join NovaTechOrg.

Legal Age

You may not use Infinity or any of Infinity's services if you're under the legal age (13 Years) to use Discord. If caught being underaged, We have full rights to ban you from our bot and services and your account will be reported to Discord's Safety Team.

Proper Usage

You may not abuse* (Spamming errors, Trying to Break bot by continued use of Bugged Commands in a open/closed channel) Infinity or any of Infinity's services in any shape or form. This will result in a lifetime ban from using Bot, if caught.


You may not use Infinity or any of its Services for any unauthorised acts, or any act (such as Selling and Buying of NSFW content through out bot or services) that is against Discord's Terms of Service. If you are caught doing any such acts, We have full rights to Ban you from using our Services and reporting your account to Discord's Safety Team.

Changes to Privacy Policy and ToS

You may know that, We have all the rights to change our Privacy Policy and ToS at anytime, without any prior notice to any server or user. You may request for your Data deletion in our Official Support Server, if you don't want to comply with our Privacy Policy and ToS.

Intellectual Property

Infinity and its Services are part of NovaTechOrg. Infinity has been developed as a NovaTech Project. All of its services are Copyrights and Intellectual Properties of Infinity Bot Developer Team. Trying to Declare these Services as your own will result in a lifetime ban from our services and your account will be reported to Discord under the act of Fraud.