Infinity offers a wide range of commands. It has Nine Command Categories. Click the category below to view it's commands

Configuration Commands


Enable/Disable Antilink


Enable/Disable Antiraid


Enable/Disable Autorole


Customize the prefix


Create a new Custom Commands


Create new Role Custom Commands


Delete custom commands


Delete role custom commands


Setup The welcome Channel


Setup the Welcome Message


Setup the Goodbye Channel


Setup the Goodbye Message


Setup the Message Logs Channel


Setup the Modlogs Channel


Create new Reaction Roles


Delete Reaction Roles


Setup the Tickets System


Disable Tickets System

Music Commands


Toggle the Autojoin Mode on/Off


Toggle the Autoplay Mode on/Off


Play the specified song.


Stop playing music and leave the voice channel.


Skip the current track and play the next track.


Pause the current playing song.


Resumed and start playing the paused song.


Get a menu where you can choose to loop the queue or loop the song, the bot will await your message so make sure to read the choices it gives.


Fetch the lyrics of the current playing song.


Get the queue, contains thumbnail of the current song, total duration of the song, remaining duration of the song and of course the queue, send the page number after the command to see the page you specified.


Change the volume to a max of 100%


Remove the specified song from the queue.


Shuffle the queue randomly


Listen the sing from a certain point


Jump a few seconds ahead in the first song.


Make the bot join a Voice Channel


Clears the whole queue at once.


Play a certain song in the queue.


Play the previous song.


Get info about the current song!


Swap the songs in the current queue.


Move a song in the queue


Search for a particular song


Get the info for the current song


Access Youtube Directly from Discord!

Fun Commands


Asciify some characters


Slap command like Dank Memer


Make the cow say something


Adds the dab emoji between the words


Emojify's a sentence or word


Flips the provided text


Add green colour to text


A simple hack command like Dank Memer


Very accurate howgay rate machine.


Hug someone


Returns a random joke


Returns a random kill phrase


Add orange colour to text


Get the image of the requested pokemon


Very accurate pp size machine


Sends a random respect GIF


Reverese the provided text


Returns a random roast phrase


Slap Someone


Get definitions from urban dictionary


Returns the provided text in CAPS


Adds Yo mama tpo the provided text

Image Commands


Get a random amazing pic


Make the Bad Meme


Creates a changemymind meme


Create Memes from various meme templates available


Ask Donald Trump to declare anything illegal


Returns a random Meme


Add RIP Template to someone avatar


Create a tablflip emme


Trigger the mentioned User


Ask Donald Trump to tweet something


The famous GTA Wasted Meme


Widen any user's avatar

Games Commands


Ask your fortune from the Magic 8Ball


Reaction Controlled Akinator Game


Retro BattleShip Game


A simple Betrayal Game which uses Discord Activies


A simple chess Game which uses Discord Activies


Find the words from the given sentence!


A reaction controlled fight game!


A simple fishing Game which uses Discord Activies


A simple Poker Game which uses Discord Activies


A simple RPS Game


The classic snake game amde with reaction controls


Make someone say something (FOR REAL)


A simple TicTacToe Game


Put your skills to test with this typing test!

Moderation Commands


Kicks a member from the server


Bans a member from the server


Remove the ban immediately after being removed from the server


Mutes a person in the server


Unmutes a person in the server


Mutes a person temporarily


Warns a member


Check the total warning a user has


Add a role to every member in the server


Remove a role from every member in the server


Deletes all the message in a certain channel


Starts slowmode in the current channel


Kicks a user from the voice channel


Mutes a user in Voice Channel


Mutes all the users in a certain voice channel


Unmutes all the users in a certain voice channel


Deafens a user in a certain voice channel


Undeafens a user in a certain voice channel


Deafens all the users in a certain voice channel


Undeafens all the users in a certain voice channel

Information Commands


Get info relating to Infinity


Get info relating Infinity's Dev Team


Get the ID For an Emoji


Get the Commands Page


Get the invite link for Infinity


Get the bot's ping


Shows our Privacy Policy


Use to report an error


Get info relating a certain user


Get someone's user ID


Get the Current Server's Info


Use this to suggest features for our bot

Utility Commands


Add emojis to your server




Get your avatar


Announce something the server's announcement channel


A Simple Calculator Command


Delete a given amount of messages


Create a role in the server


Delete a channel in ther server


Delete a role in the server


Get info about events etc from the official djs docs


Send an emoji using the bot


Enlarge an emoji


Send an embed message through the bot


Give roles to certain users


Get info about a movie, show etc from IMdb


Check the amount of invites a user has


Lock the current channel


Create a new text channel


Create a new voice channel


Change the nickname of a user in the srver


Get info relating an app form Playstore


Start a poll


Make the bot react to a message


Remove the role from a user


Make the bot send a message


Get the server icon


Send a suggetion to the server's suggestions channel


Setup a temporary lockdown in a channel


Unlock a channel


Get the weather info for a certain place


Search for Videos on Youtube

NSFW Commands


Sends a 4k porn pic


Get random Anal Pics


Get random Ass Pics


Get random Blowjob Pics


Get random Boob Pics


Get random Facial Pics


Get random Hentai Pics


Get random Milf Pics


Get random Pussy Pics